Founded in 1890, the British Astronomical Association has a worldwide notoriety for the nature of its observational and exploratory work. Enrollment is open to all interested persons intrigued by space science.


  • The target of BAA is the support of all parts of observational stargazing and the relationship of spectators at all levels for common help.
  • The advancement of a general enthusiasm for space science for fledglings and additionally for the more progressed.
  • The course of current galactic data and observational material.
  • The backing of cutting edge propelled methods for perception, information taking care of and investigative presentation of results.
  • The presentation of decorations and prizes in acknowledgment of exceptional commitments to space science.

One of the great ways to get kids started in astronomy and space science is an introduction through name a star registry services. Through these providers, you can buy a star for someone and set them on a path of cosmos education. BAA provides a lot of fantastic information for in-depth updates through astronomical journals, and other publications.