The British Schools Foundation (otherwise called The British Schools Group) is a UK enlisted non-benefit Foundation and the representing body of an overall system of British International Schools. The Foundation’s Board of Governors goes about as the Board of every part school and is accused of guaranteeing the most noteworthy guidelines in all parts of school life, from scholarly execution, to livelihood rehearses, nature of offices and the advancement of the general great inside of the school group.

The Foundation sets school arrangements and supports school spending plans; and thus assigns the regular administration of the school to the Headteacher. Choices inside of the association, are along these lines scholastically determined, putting the wellbeing of understudies and staff over whatever other contemplations.

The British Schools Foundation is devoted to its understudies, managing both staff and folks in quest for the most elevated amounts of training and individual progression for all who go to our schools. In both the accomplishment of scholastic brilliance and the enhancement of character through individual experience, we measure achievement in our capacity to offer a testing domain that supports adjusted understudies through presentation to the best conventions and propensities for autonomous thought and learning.